Kelli (Corrado)’s Starlight Wishes Gearing Up for Album Release

Kelli’s Starlight Wishes (heard on Ball of Wax Volume 20), the current project of the very talented Kelli Frances Corrado (heard on Volume 15), formerly of Arkade (heard on Volume 2 and seen on Volume 7), have some exciting news! They’ve been working with the ingenious Scott Colburn on their first full-band album, Let the Bells Ring, and word has it they will be releasing said album in August of this year.

Kelli obviously has a long-standing connection with Ball of Wax, and has been one of our most ardent supporters for years. It’s always great to hear new music from her, and this is no exception. Here’s a demo they’ve posted on Soundcloud of a new version of the song “Swan Initiative” with beats and strings.

Swan Initiative by Kelli’s Starlight Wishes

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