Submit to Ball of Wax 28: The BoW Dance Party!

Disco Ball of Wax via Flickr user vpickering

This is gonna be a fun one.

I have decided that Ball of Wax Volume 28 (Spring 2012) will be the Ball of Wax Dance Party installment – i.e., all things electro, dance, hip-hop, etc. I would love to hear submissions from any and all corners of the musical world. The official submission deadline is April 15th (what, do you have some other deadline that day to worry about?), but I’m already getting some great stuff, so the earlier the better.

Here’s how I want this to happen: My dream is for all of the tracks to be (or at least start and end) at the same BPM, to make for optimal dance mix flow. I have (somewhat arbitrarily) picked 120 BPM. If you have a totally killer track you want to submit that’s not 120 BPM (or 60 or 240, I suppose), send it anyway and let me know what’s up and I’ll try and make it work. But my strong preference is for 120 BPM tracks (again, if you speed up or slow down over the course of the song that’s fine, just start and end at 120).

See the about page for full submission guidelines. I can’t wait to dance to your songs!

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