Bill Horist’s Got Talent

HP_BillPhotoLocal guitar genius (and national treasure) Bill Horist has a new web site! I’ve often had a hard time when referring to him on the internet, not knowing whether to link to thisĀ  out of date label page, or that fallow Myspace page, or what. Far too few musicians have their very own urls in this Facebook/Reverbnation/Bandcamp age, so it’s great to see that an artist as important as Bill has his own home on the web. Go sign up for his mailing list so you can find out what he’s up to – like, say, releasing an album of solo prepared guitar improvisations called Guitar Weirdo.

While you’re checking out the site, be sure to read his tale of auditioning for NBC’s reality/talent/shit show America’s Got Talent. It’s a long read, but well worth it – thoughtful, detailed, and hilarious, as I would expect from Bill. I commend him for making this journey into America’s entertainment heart of darkness and surviving to share the tale with us (and man, I really hope he makes it on the air in some form).

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