Ball of Wax 33 Songs: Boey Russell – “Fortune Teller”

I’ve known Boey Russell for over half of my life – he was the drummer in the previously mentioned band 33 Slade – and I always knew he was a gifted musician and singer, but it was only very recently that I heard any of his own songs for the first time. It’s hard to pin down just what makes Boey’s music so different from what one generally hears coming from people in their 30s these days (or on Ball of Wax in general), but it most certainly is. There’s a professional, polished sheen to “Fortune Teller”; you can tell Boey is probably more likely to listen to Christopher Cross or Steely Dan than Deerhunter or Bright Eyes (which, frankly, so am I). He’s obviously comfortable in his own skin and with his own voice, and what comes out is sophisticated and well-honed without being cheesy or overly glossy. (It doesn’t hurt that he surrounds himself with players as good as he is.) It’s impossible for me to be objective about someone I’ve known for so long, but this is impressive stuff and I’m excited to hear more.

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