Ball of Wax 33 Songs: Michael Wohl – “Lonesome No More”

Michael Wohl closes out Ball of Wax 33 with a meditative solo acoustic instrumental, “Lonesome No More.” “Lonesome No More” transitions from slowly strummed, partially arpeggiated chords to a more intricate, reverb-drenched figure to folk and country picking and back again. It’s a studied, hypnotic performance that never falls prey to guitar heroics or loss of momentum – even after the 4 minute mark. Like with the Luna Moth piece, I find Michael Wohl’s instrumental to be right up my alley right now and wholly satisfying in its straightforwardness.

Michael Wohl is opening the Ball of Wax 33 release show TONIGHT, Saturday, September 7th at Conor Byrne. Come on out, see all of the performers and pick up a CD of the new release.

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