Ball of Wax 33 Songs: We Wrote the Book on Connectors – “Captain Dog”

We Wrote the Book on Connectors‘ breezy, goofy “Captain Dog” serves up a curveball to Ball of Wax 33‘s general seriousness. With lyrics about Beverly Hills 90210 told from the perspective of a dog and a bedroom acoustic pop arrangement, “Captain Dog” is the kind of catchy song found in the catalogs of labels like Happy Happy Birthday to Me and Asaurus Records. Longtime Seattle mainstays, We Wrote the Book on Connectors inject a They Might Be Giants-esque sense of play into a wide variety of styles and feels. “Captain Dog” has such a convincingly wistful tone that, if the lyrics were in another language, I would definitely take it as a wistful ballad about heartbreak and longing. “Captain Dog” comes from We Wrote the Book on Connectors’ WE Song Writing Service LP, which features 22 other tracks with titles like “Hooker Gladiator Wars,” “Doctor Zombie,” and “My Bigot Chihuahua.”

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