Ball of Wax 46 Songs: Pampa – The Battery Is the Lullaby

Once again, I’m excited to share new music from an old friend and long-time contributor to Ball of Wax. Brian Baillie has appeared under various monikers over the years, but he’s been fronting Pampa for a while now, and they’ve developed a warm, enveloping sound all their own. “The Battery Is the Lullaby” (from Pampa’s debut full-length Amongst Flutes and Whistles) rides on one chord and a simple octave bass line for over six minutes, but never stops arresting the listener’s attention. Dynamics swell up and down, unison vocals sing a repeating hook about a movie about rollercoasters, Brian’s brilliant leads provide melodic focus at key points . . . it all just works. It’s so satisfying to see a musician you’ve followed for years become part of a musical unit like this.

I strongly recommend catching the full-band version of Pampa at your earliest convenience, but in the meantime, Brian will open up the Ball of Wax 46 release show this Friday at Conor Byrne with a solo set. Come early, stay late!

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