Ball of Wax 48: Levi Fuller & The Library – “Der Panther”

If anyone has Decade Displacement Disorder, it would be Levi Fuller. This song sounds straight out of the pages of late ’80s early ’90s Seattle. I’m guessing German is the language used. It sounds appropriate. It could also pass for Swedish psych rock. “Der Panther” does a good job of switching between modes. The switches between the chords and the switches between verse and chorus. It holds one’s attention well. The song slowly picks up intensity and then . . . a solid harmonics breakdown and then the gradual build continues. Levi’s songs keep adding more and more depth and I’m loving the direction he takes with the recent Ball of Wax 48 challenge.

Levi Fuller & the Library will play at the Ball of Wax 48 release show, June 3rd at Conor Byrne.

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One Response to Ball of Wax 48: Levi Fuller & The Library – “Der Panther”

  1. Levi Fuller says:

    Thank you Matty! I should give credit where it’s due: The words (indeed, German) are taken from Rainer Maria Rilke’s poem of the same name.

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