Ball of Wax 48 Songs: Ainara LeGardon – “Déjalo (mientras)”

A while back, longtime Ball of Wax contributor Ainara LeGardon told me the album she was working on was going to be sung in Spanish – a first for her. Of course I immediately suggested she send me a song from that album for this special non-English Ball of Wax, and she did me one better. Working with producer Xabier Erkizia, she created a new, unique version of a song specifically for us! I haven’t heard the album version yet, but this deconstructed arrangement for voice, oscillators, prepared guitar, and feedback is spare, dark, strange, and beautiful. And apparently this is the first time Ainara has released a song in Spanish to the world, which is an incredible honor for Ball of Wax. I don’t think the new album sounds anything like this, but as a longtime fan I am incredibly excited for it; make sure to follow Ainara so you know as soon as it’s released.

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