Ball of Wax 49 Songs: Møtrik – “Impossible/OK”

Portland master-Krautrock-practitioners Møtrik make their Ball of Wax debut with “Impossible/OK,” from a forthcoming album that I haven’t heard yet but that has already ratcheted (or maybe sprocketed) to the top of my 2017 favorites list. That driving motorik beat is the perfect way to kick off this grab bag of new and strange music from across the nation. This is the first I’ve heard Møtrik’s instrumentally-oriented music with vocals, and the deadpan, wry delivery of the inscrutable lyrics (“Impossible” “OK” “Everywhere you go” “Circus parade”) combined with those signature rhythms, guitar strokes, and woo-woo-woo noises is almost enough to make you think you’re hearing an unearthed Can or Neu! outtake (or at least it is if, like me, you know just enough about Krautrock to make that reference but haven’t immersed yourself in the genre’s intricacies). Whether you have any idea what I’m talking about or not, “Impossible/OK” is a straight-up jam, destined to be the perfect soundtrack to many a midnight summer drive.

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