Ball of Wax 50 Songs: Wiscon – “More Bones”

With four hand-claps on an 808, Wiscon gets Ball of Wax 50 off to a rollicking start with “More Bones,” probably the most delightful song about the blood feuds of paleontologists you’ve heard all year. For most of the song the band and singer Taryn Rene Dorsey keep things upbeat and relatively fun, with the taunting refrain “I’ve got more bones than you” working its way under your skin like a velociraptor’s teeth. (Or like a shovel in a Montana dig site? I dunno, I gotta work on my paleontology similes.) The band changes gear at the end, though, and we’re treated to a half-time, chanting ode to Was (Not Was) that swirls into noisy, chaotic heaviness, and had me giggling with glee on first listen. “More Bones” will also appear on the band’s new EP Jazz Cigarette, which should be out any minute now.

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  1. Risky Motion says:

    I love the bass on this track. So solid. Thanks

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