Ball of Wax 50 Songs: Elisa Flynn – “Sugar”

Brooklyn’s Elisa Flynn is a newcomer to Ball of Wax, though her gritty, wired music evokes a lot of the touchstones (PJ Harvey, Infinity Girl, Lync) that many of us old-timers grew up absorbing. “Sugar” is the kind of sweaty buzzsaw guitar workout you’d expect to hear in a basement show or at a club whose bathroom you hope to never have to use (what up, old Comet?). The song starts with a huge drum beat that gives way to an edgy minor-key melody sung over a two-chord arpeggiated guitar part. At the chorus, a fuzz-filled guitar sweeps in as Flynn’s vocals take a more dramatic turn. This is beefy punk rock and a welcome change-up for ye olde Ball o’ Wax.

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