Volume 31

Winter 2013
Ball of Wax Covers

Jeremy Burk – Don’t Write This Song (The Glass Notes)
Bret Alain Phillips – City Jobs (Jeremy Burk)
Alicia Amiri – Winder Downs (Bret Alain Phillips)
Colin J Nelson – Darkness in Me (Alicia Amiri)
Shenandoah Davis – Bourbon and Tea (Colin J Nelson)
Emiko Blalock – Proof (Shenandoah Davis)
Brad Dunn – Wind Up Bird (Emiko Blalock)
Led to Sea – Song of the Family (Brad Dunn)
The Foghorns – Fear of Flight (Led to Sea)
Levi Fuller – 80 Proof (The Foghorns)
Virgin of the Birds – This Murder Won’t Hurt You (Levi Fuller)
Norman Baker – I Loved John (Virgin of the Birds)
Caitlin Sherman – Telegrams from Paradise (Norman Baker)
The Music of Grayface – Hourglass (Slow Skate)
Robb Benson – Averybrieftale (The Music of Grayface)

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