Volume 17

Summer 2009

Arthur C. Lee – Living under a Tin Roof
Solvents – Cozy Mo Came Home
Chris Wise – The Way
Happy Birthday Secret Weapon – Television Child
Daniel G. Harmann – Knob Creek Neat
Levi Fuller – All that We Have
The Blank Tapes – Friday Afternoon
Ken Cormier – Go Now Wake Up
Virgin of the Birds – We Arrived Drunk
Seth Howard – In Perpetuity
The Marrying Type – Who’s Gonna Hear You?
Jack Shriner – Black Out
Brian Baillie – Ballad for Johnny Cash
Black Math – Don’t Make that Face
Top Critters – Everything Is Complicated
Animal Hospital – . . . And Ever
The Ex-Optimists – Applekiss

North America/Int’l.

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