Colin J. Nelson: Man about Town

I’m privileged to once again introduce a brand new contributor to this here Blog of Wax: Mr. Colin J. Nelson. Colin is a relative newcomer to the Ball of Wax world (see volume 20), and someone I’m very pleased to have crossed paths with, as a musician and a fellow local music enthusiast. Like all of our writers, Colin will write about whatever he damn well pleases, but will probably lean toward the live side of things, checking out local bands and open mics, and welcoming new folks to town.

His own music is absolutely worth checking out. It might sometimes lean toward that “indie roots” stuff Indie Rooney was so recently complaining about, but it is definitely its own thing, not remotely beholden to treading again and again through the well-worn rootsy mud. Or something. Anyway, he’s got a great voice and a fine ear for melody, and a highly talented bunch of musicians backing him up.

Here’s “Normandie,” his song from Ball of Wax Volume 20:

Colin J. Nelson – Normandie

Now, go read his first post!

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